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Watch this webinar to learn more about Northeastern's credit transfer process and how you can get credit for your experience.

About the Webinar

Northeastern knows it’s experiencethat makes the difference. It’s why we work with applicants to determine how we can turn their prior classroom learning and work experience into transfer credit.

We accept transfer credit from different sources, including:

  • Northeastern University— Previously earned credit from colleges outside of the Northeastern College of Professional Studies can be applied toward a degree.
  • Accredited Institutions— Students can transfer previously earned credits from aregionally accredited institution such as acommunity college.
  • College Level Proficiency Exams— Exam scores can be treated as transfer credit at no fee.
  • Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)— An APL review of a student’s work and life experience, including professional certifications, could translate into academic credit.
  • Military— As a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), Northeastern is committed to working with veterans and active duty servicemembers to accept any credits previously earned. Active servicemembers can transfer up to 75% of credits required for a bachelor’s degree.

Watch the Webinar

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Watch the Webinar